Tampax Pearl Super Scented

Tampax Pearl Super Scented

Pearl Super Scented 18 pack
Pearl Super Scented 18 pack
5 Absorbencies
Leakguard Braid
Smooth Layer
Cosmetic Bag

Only Tampax Pearl tampons come in five different absorbencies, so you can move up or down to find what's right for you. Your flow is different every day, so your tampon should be, too. Whatever their absorbency, all Tampax Pearl tampons feature a LeakGuard braid that helps stop leaks with a core free of dyes*. Their FormFit design gently expands to your individual shape, while their smooth removal layer ensures amazing comfort.

U.S. Gynecologist Recommended Tampon Brand
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Tampax Pearl Super Absorbency tampons are free of perfume and chlorine bleaching, and clinically tested to be gentle on skin.

Choose the level of absorbency that’s best for you and your flow, and consider switching between different absorbencies during your period. Find your flow combo with Tampax Pearl.

*Braid has skin-friendly pigments.

Product benefits

  • Your flow is different everyday. Your tampon should be, too
  • LeakGuard Braid helps stop leaks before they happen
  • Anti-Slip Grip on applicator makes the tampons easy to insert
  • Gently expands to your individual shape thanks to Tampax FormFit protection
  • Free of chlorine bleaching with a core free of dyes* (*Braid has skin-friendly pigments)
  • Tampax Pearl Super Absorbency tampons are clinically tested** to be gentle on skin, and designed with your body in mind (**Clinical data on file)

Outstanding Protection with Tampax Pearl

Easy, Comfortable Insertion

The applicator features a smooth, rounded tip and an anti-slip grip for easy and comfortable insertion.

Smooth Layer

A smooth layer for easy removal.

LeakGuard Braid

The braid provides added backup protection to help prevent leaks.

MotionFit Protection

The tampon gently expands to fit your body's unique shape.

Tested for harmful substances

TAMPAX Pearl tampons have been independently tested for harmful substances by Oeko-Tex.

Quiet and Discreet Wrapper

The wrapper opens easily and quietly for discretion.

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