How to tell your mum you’ve got your period?

Mom and daughter sitting on the sofa and talking

Talking to your parents about periods and other personal female issues can feel a bit embarrassing, especially if you aren’t used to talking about such things. If thinking about how to tell your dad you’ve got your period is too overwhelming, your mum is a good place to start – for many reasons. Here are some ways to break the ice.

Keep it casual

Maybe the idea of a big sit-down with your mum seems intimidating. If so, try bringing it up in conversation casually by asking something like, “Mum, has your period ever lasted for a really long time?”. This opens the door to discussion and hopefully will make you feel more comfortable and able to open up to your mum about what you’re experiencing.

Write it down

If it’s hard for you to start a face-to-face discussion, leave your mum a note where only she’ll find it, or even send her a text. You could write something like, “Mum, I’m having a lot of pain with my periods lately. Can we talk about this tonight?”. That way, it’s up to her to initiate a conversation with you, taking the pressure off you and meaning you don’t have to worry about bringing it up.

Be direct

If it feels comfortable for you, you could take a direct approach and just tell your mum how you’re feeling. Start by saying something like, “I feel a bit awkward about this, but I need to talk to you about my periods”. That way, your mum knows right away what the problem is about, and you’ve got it out there without prolonging any discomfort on your part.

Whether or not anything is wrong, it’s good to keep your mum up to date on your concerns and any problems with your body. Even when things are normal, never underestimate the advice your mum (or aunt, or older female friend) can give! She might be able to give you some tips on how to deal with period cramps or other helpful advice. Chances are she had similar questions when she was young and will be glad you asked her.

Are you comfortable talking to your mum about periods? Did you know how to tell your mum you’d started your periods?

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