Do tampons take your virginity?

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Tampons and virginity are a common question asked by young people who are just getting their periods. It’s understandable to be confused about the “logistics” of using tampons and how it relates to your virginity. If you’ve just started getting your period and want to use tampons but aren’t sure if it’ll “take your virginity” then don’t worry. Like most things people Google or look up, the answer isn’t as bad as you think!

If I’m a virgin and I use a tampon, does it mean I’m no longer a virgin?

Absolutely not. Using a tampon (which is actually considered a medical device) for your period does not take your virginity away. You can’t lose your virginity to a tampon.

If I’ve used a tampon before I’ve had sex, does the tampon count as losing my virginity?

Not at all. Your first time having sex is not the same as using a tampon. Putting one thing in one part of your body does not equate to any meaning other than what you give it. Put simply, tampons do not take your virginity. The first time you have sex will still be the first time you have sex.

Can a tampon break my hymen?

Firstly, your hymen doesn’t actually “break” – it stretches. While it’s possible that a tampon will stretch your hymen, it can’t break your hymen. It’s also possible that your hymen has stretched in other ways already – or will – or won’t stretch even when you do have sex. Tampons are small, and can usually be inserted through the existing opening of your hymen (how do you think all the blood and blood clots during your period come out?).

Surprisingly, even first-time penetrative sex doesn’t stretch the hymen all the way, or as much as you think it would.

Can you lose your virginity to a tampon?

No. If a virgin is someone who has not had sex before, as long as you haven’t had sex before, you can still use tampons and stay a virgin. Tampons are medical devices (they are regulated by the MHRA), so if you choose to use tampons, you’re making a medical choice for your body, and no one can judge you or tell you to do otherwise.

Do tampons work better for non-virgins than virgins?

No. Tampons work the same for everyone and are just as efficient, regardless of whether or not the person has had sex before, how many times they’ve had sex, for how long, etc.

Will a larger tampon take my virginity? Should I only use small tampons if I’m a virgin?

There are no specific tampons for virgins, as tampon “sizes” are based on absorbency. You should choose the tampon absorbency that best fits your flow and your needs. While tampons come in “sizes”, these aren’t sizes don’t relate to the size of your vagina, but actually refer to the capacity of fluid or blood that a tampon can hold. Only using Light Tampons doesn’t mean you have a small vagina, and going through Super Tampons constantly doesn’t mean it’s abnormally large either. It’s all about the absorbency of the tampon, not your body, so don’t feel bad or guilty if you need to use a larger tampon!

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