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How long can you leave a tampon in?

How long can you leave a tampon in?

How long can you leave tampon in

Let’s put this one to rest once and for all: you should only use a tampon for up to eight hours. So, if you’re wondering whether you can sleep with a tampon in, the short answer is yes. Your tampon doesn’t know if it’s day or night and will work the same whether you’re sleeping or awake. Just be sure to only use a tampon for up to eight hours. Given that you may sleep for eight hours, when you’re about to hit the hay and are planning to sleep with a tampon in, just make sure to put in a new one, and then remove the tampon as soon as you wake up.

If you’re absolutely exhausted and think you’ll sleep longer than that, you should wear a pad instead. If you’re worried about tampon timing because you’ve heard of Toxic Shock Syndrome, just know that how long you wear a tampon for does not increase your risk of TSS. You can learn more about Toxic Shock Syndrome here.

How often should you change your tampon?

It’s really important to choose the lowest absorbency necessary for your menstrual flow. And because your flow varies from day to day, it’s likely that you’ll need to use different absorbencies on different days of your period. Figuring out which absorbency you need can be confusing at first, but let’s make it easy – if your tampon is uncomfortable to change, go down a size. If your tampon leaks, go up a size. Check out this helpful guide to learn more about which tampon size and absorbency is best for you based on your period flow.

Now that we have answered the question of if you can sleep with a tampon in, and how often you should change your tampon, here are some additional resources on tampons, including what you can and cannot do with a tampon.

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