How to remove a tampon?

Teenage girl

Wearing a tampon enables you to do all the activities you love even when you’re on your period – like swimming! After all, just because you have your period doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold. But many girls are reluctant to give tampons a try because they feel unsure of how to use them – how to put in a tampon and how to remove a tampon. Rest assured, removing a tampon is quite simple. You’ll be a real tampon removal pro after a try or two.

Tips on how to remove a tampon

Here’s how to remove a tampon. Be sure to wash your hands before changing your tampon. Tampons have a string attached to them that stays hanging outside your body. That removal string is sewn in the whole way to the top, so it won’t come off. Gently and firmly pull on the string that is left hanging outside your body and your tampon will slide right out. Ta-da! That’s how to remove a tampon.

Once you’ve successfully removed your tampon, you may be wondering how to dispose of your tampon, too. Tampon disposal is also really simple. Follow these simple guidelines: wrap it, bin it (never flush it down the toilet!), and you’re all set.

How to get a stuck tampon out

What if you can’t find the string? If your tampon string isn’t hanging outside your vagina for you to pull out when you’re ready to remove your tampon, don’t panic.

On very rare occasions, the string can get tucked up inside you along with your tampon. Don’t worry. It’s still pretty easy to get your stuck tampon out – just use your fingers to reach into your vagina. Your vagina is only about 7 to 13cm long. You should be able to feel your tampon, grab it, and pull it out. Done. Now you know how to get a stuck tampon out even when you can’t find the string. Now you can keep Tampaxing, worry-free!

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