Tampax tampons: the best solution for active people exercising on their periods

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Tampax tampons: the best solution for active people exercising on their periods

The needs of physically active women – be they athletes, personal trainers, workers with long commutes, parents running after kids, or those enjoying sports recreationally – are very specific, particularly during their menstrual cycles. Their routines demand consistent freedom of movement, security, and comfort, no matter what phase of their cycle they're in. Tampax with its mission to address women's everyday needs, offers tampons specifically designed to support your active lifestyle during your period.

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Empowering active people with Tampax tampons

Tampax tampons are more than just period products – they are essential tools to help active women maintain their routines throughout their cycle, even during menstruation. Let’s discover how these unique tampons can give you flexibility and freedom to do what makes you feel good on your period:

  1. Exceptional Comfort: Tampax tampons are designed with your comfort in mind. The slim design and smooth, easy-to-use applicator ensure a comfortable fit, helping you to forget you’re even wearing a tampon. No more discomfort during your workout, instead, enjoy the freedom to move with ease and comfort!
  2. Motion Fit Technology: Tampax Pearl Compak tampons have amazing technology that adapts to your unique shape, as well as your daily movements. This ensures you can continue your exercise routines or busy lifestyles while still feeling comfortable and protected.
  3. Leak guard Braid: Tampax Pearl Compak tampons have a leakguard braid, which helps to catch leaks before they even happen. This design offers an extra layer of protection so you can continue your routine without hassle.
  4. High-Quality Protection: Tampax tampons are engineered to offer superior leakage protection, even during activity. The high-absorbency material and innovative design ensure that you feel confident and secure, no matter how intensive your training is.
  5. Customized Fit: With different absorbency levels available, you can choose the tampon that best suits your flow and exercise routine. This customization ensures that you feel confident and comfortable during each phase of your menstrual cycle.
  6. Healthy and Safe: Tampax products are designed with your health in mind and are gynecologically tested. They have also been tested for harmful substances according to Standard 100 by Oeke-Tex. Tampax’s active commitment to providing solutions for women’s everyday problems is not just about creating period products – it’s about enabling you to embrace your lifestyle!

Giving Active Women the Edge with Tampax Tampons

Whether you’re smashing a new personal best, trying to walk a little further each day, or working hard to play for a team, sport is all about pushing your boundaries and connecting with others. Pro athlete or a casual fitness enthusiast, we know that confidence, determination, and sticking to your routine is half the battle. The key is feeling comfy and confident so that your other priorities take centre stage. You want to be focusing on every rep, each mile and every single yoga pose to get the most out of your time and get the results you're after. Getting the most out of your workout means using period products that are like a second skin, tailored to you and your body. Well, that's where Tampax tampons come into play. They've got the back of every busy or active woman out there. Whether you're out for a run, doing a few laps in the pool, smashing a fitness class, or stretching out through yoga, Tampax tampons are there with you. They're all about maximum comfort and flexibility, adjusting to whatever your body needs. You can focus on sticking to your routine and doing whatever makes you feel good on your period. It's no surprise that active women from all over the world pick Tampax tampons as their go-to from the start to the finish of their periods.

Female footballers about their experience with tampons

Female footballers - Jill Scott and Demi Stokes recently starred in Tampax campaign, Changing Room Confessions. As members of the Lioness Team that won the European championship in 2022 , they are needed to stay active while on their periods. Jill recently shared on her Instagram that she and Demi “have used Tampax throughout their careers” and “are proud to be normalising chats about periods in sports.” Demi agreed, writing that “the more you talk about periods in sports, the more normal it is, so we are glad we could share some experiences and have a few laughs to help challenge the stigma.” If you're new to the Tampax tampon game during your period, you might want to check out how to use a tampon.

Women on the Go Choose Tampax

With Tampax, you get flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to live your rhythm every day of your period. An active lifestyle doesn't always mean intense workouts or athletic competitions. For many women, it's about tackling busy days at work, commuting, or multitasking. Tampax Pearl Compak Tampons ensure comfort and protection throughout the day.

The non-slip grip applicator ensures optimal positioning, and the compact pack fits even in your wallet, keeping you ready for any scenario. Trust in Tampax Pearl Compak and conquer every day!

Products designed with an active lifestyle in mind

The needs of all athletes are as unique as they are. Each active person may prefer a different type of tampon and need period products with different levels of absorbency, adapted to the level of bleeding. With Tampax tampons, choosing the right product won’t be a challenge! Tampax Compak Pearl tampons are available in 3 absorbencies: • Tampax Pearl Compak Super Plus, which is the most absorbent, intended for the first, intense days of menstruation, • Tampax Pearl Compak Super, which for most women will work well during the middle days of menstruation, • Tampax Pearl Compak Regular, ideal for the last days of the period, when bleeding is more minimal. Varying absorbency gives you maximum flexibility in choosing the best period protection products for each day of your period – after all, it’s the tampons that are supposed to fit you, not you to the tampons.

Tampax Pearl Compak Tampons - unlock the advantages of MotionFit

Tampax Compak Pearl Tampons are designed to give you solid protection and top-notch comfort. They've got revolutionary MotionFit technology that helps the tampon adapt to your body’s movement, giving you no-see, no-feel protection! Once inserted, the Tampax tampon expands gently to fit your body's unique shape, giving you complete freedom. From warming up to the final cooldown, during a bike ride, or nailing a yoga pose, Tampax tampons stick with you, offering unrivalled comfort and freedom to move, even during the most challenging exercises.

Stay active during your period with Tampax

We at Tampax appreciate the challenges of working out during your period, and we think you should always listen to your body and never feel guilty about taking extra days to rest, especially when you are on your period. But if you want to keep the workouts going, Tampax Pearl Compak is there for you. From professional athletes to amateur fitness enthusiasts, we've tailored our tampons to offer the best protection. Our practical applicator ensures a quick and easy insertion, while the smooth exterior guarantees an effortless removal. The extra leak protection brings you peace of mind even on heavy flow days, so you can focus on your goals without any distractions. Now you can do whatever you are in the mood for, move as much, or as little as you like.

From football pitches to office desks, Tampax offers a wide range of tampons suitable for all types of active lifestyles. Embrace the benefits of Tampax Pearl tampons and see why so many active people around the world trust us. Learn about Tampax Pearl Compak tampons with applicator.