Types of Tampax tampons

Tampons Tampax (Compak, Pearl, Pearl Compak, Cotton Protection, Cardboard)

Find the best type of Tampax tampon and absorbency level for you and your flow

If you’ve ever wandered down the feminine hygiene aisle at your local supermarket or pharmacy, you’ve probably noticed there are loads of options when it comes to pads and tampons. How do you know which of all these different types of tampons to choose?

With tampons, it’s especially important to pick the level of absorbency that’s best for you and your flow. There’s a type of Tampax tampon for every absorbency: Light, Regular, Super and Super Plus. So, how do you choose which type of Tampax tampon to use?

If you’re just trying Tampax tampons for the first time, you might want to start with the lightest or lowest level of absorbency. Tampax Pearl Compak Regular is one of the best tampon options for light to medium flow. With a, practical, smooth plastic applicator and an Anti-slip Grip™, Tampax Pearl Compak allows for a smooth and comfortable insertion. The tampon also expands to fit your unique shape, for better protection against leaks.*

*vs Tampax Compak

For the best protection, you’ll want to use the lowest absorbency necessary for your flow. A lot of women experience a heavier flow at the beginning of their period, which then gets lighter towards the end, so it's a good idea to buy a few different types of tampons. On days 1 and 2 you might use a higher absorbency tampon like Super, for medium to heavy flow, or Super Plus, for heavy flow, and then switch to Regular on lighter days.

No matter which of the types of tampons and absorbency you’re using, a tampon should never be worn for longer than eight hours. When it’s time to change your tampon, it’s helpful to check these two things:

  • Is there still a lot of white left on the tampon? If so, you should consider lowering your absorbency.
  • Have you bled through the string and/or onto your underwear? If so, you should consider a higher absorbency.

To better understand your flow and cycle, and which of the different types of tampons you should use, try using a period tracker like the Tampax period tracker. It’ll let you know when your period is coming so you can be more aware of your period symptoms. It’ll also help you to better understand the length of your cycle. Don’t be alarmed if you have irregular periods at first, it’s totally normal. After a few months, you’ll see a pattern start to form.

One of the greatest advantages of tampons is the fact that they provide full period protection no matter how active you are, so you don't have to give up on your activities at all. Tampax Pearl Compak Regular tampons have a practical applicator and are designed to fit your unique shape, thus protecting you against leaks even better.