Our Mission

Three young women sitting on the stairs

Let’s Talk About It. Seriously.

Our mission is to make period conversations as normal as periods so women and all who bleed can feel educated, empowered and limitless every day of the month.

Tampax is proud of our 80+ year history as a brand founded by a fearless female entrepreneur. Our founder created an all-female workforce to sell tampons - from women factory workers to traveling nurses who educated the public. She even convinced newspapers to run public ads - at a time when no respectable lady was supposed to be talking about vaginas, let alone things that went inside of them.

We continue to believe in a culture of confidence, female empowerment, and courage that comes with knowing women can live their life without limits, even while on their periods. Period.

Sadly, society has created a world where there's no real talk about women's bodies, periods, or tampons. And when we don't talk about periods, people feel like they can't talk about periods. This lack of conversation self-perpetuates myths and misinformation, makes people worry about the unknown, leads them to put up with physical discomfort, and results in a lack of knowledge that still holds us all back today.

Let’s get real. The last extensive period conversation many people had was likely about their first period. It was probably awkward. They were probably awkward. People should be allowed more than one conversation about their bodies and their periods, because lack of conversation leads to miseducation, misinformation and missed opportunities.

No Shame. No Stress. No Limits.

Tampax is building on our bold history by helping women, and others who bleed, imagine a future without limits. What if we could talk freely about our periods? What if we could be empowered with facts about our bodies, rather than silently stress-Googling? Tampax believes talking about your period should be as easy as any other life update, like a hard day at work or an exciting new boo. The topic of tampons should be as neutral as toothbrushes or shampoo. No shame. No stress.

Tampons Are Our Business, but You Are Our Priority

We are, and have always been, about improving the lives of women and other people who bleed. We put you at the core and each of our products have been created, updated or advanced based on your needs. We’ve also made it our business to clear up any period-related mysteries, because not having the right information can be scary and create barriers that are keeping you from living your fullest lives. To change this, we are partnering with other period powerhouses and experts to provide opportunities to laugh, teach and talk about periods, while sparking conversation and supporting those who are doing the same. When it comes to periods, we’re ready to shatter the limitations that hold all who bleed back. Let’s do this!

Our Beliefs and Mission to Educate Women | Tampax®