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Can tampons expire?

Can tampons expire?

You were rummaging through your room and you came across an old box of tampons. It got you wondering – how long do tampons last? Do tampons expire? We know things like milk expire making them rancid and totally disgusting to eat, and that things like medications expire making them ineffective. But what about tampons? Do tampons have an expiration date?

Do tampons have an expiration date?

So, here’s the short answer: yes. Tampons can expire. Why does this matter? Tampons go inside your body, which is why it’s important to pay attention to whether or not your tampons have expired.

Generally speaking, tampons expire after five years. Even though they may not look any different than brand new ones, expired tampons shouldn’t be used. Obviously, tampons won’t deteriorate immediately once five years is up, but bacteria and small particles of mould can find their way into your tampons after they’ve expired.

How do I know if my tampons have expired?

You may not know that your tampons have expired just from looking at them. Instead, look for the expiration date on the side of your TAMPAX box. There will be two dates printed. One is the date of production, and the other is the month and year your tampons are due to expire.

The good news is that tampons last a long time – half a decade! So, don’t worry about buying a supply and not being able to use them up before their expiration date. Five years is lots of time to use them – especially when you’re using them monthly during your period to go swimming, to the beach and sporting events.

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