Choose the right Tampax tampon absorbency for your changing period flow

Is your changing menstrual flow feeling a bit like the changing British weather? Here's how to navigate it.

Period flows and weather forecasts share an uncanny similarity – they both vary from day to day and can be difficult to feel prepared for. Sometimes, getting your period feels like being caught in a torrential downpour with nothing but a flimsy umbrella. Yet, weathering this menstrual storm can be a breeze with the right "protection," or rather, the right period product - enter Tampax tampons with multiple absorbency levels.

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Knowing Your Flow

One moment, it's a downpour - heavy and unrelenting. This is often the onset of your period. It's like that spring thunderstorm that starts with a few droplets but soon transforms into a downpour. This is when you're looking for your super-absorbent raincoat or, in this case, a super-absorbent tampon.

Then, the rain eases, becoming a gentle drizzle - this is your period transitioning to a more manageable flow. It's not over yet, but it's definitely not as intense as the initial rainstorm. You can trade your raincoat for a small umbrella.

Finally, the sun starts to peek through the clouds, the rain ceases - this is your period coming to an end. Your menstrual flow is now just a light trickle, and that trusty umbrella can be replaced with a light jacket, or a regular tampon.

You wouldn't use the same clothing for all types of weather, right? So why would you use a one-size-fits-all tampon for your varying menstrual flow?

Choosing the right Tampax tampon for each phase of your menstrual cycle is akin to picking out the right weather clothing. They need to effectively "absorb the storm," providing you comfort and protection against leaks. It's about tailoring your tampon to your menstrual flow so you can always feel confident and secure.

This weather-forecast analogy is one way to visualise your period flow changes. Remember, everyone’s cycle is as unique as they are, influenced by a host of factors. Your menstrual flow might not follow a set pattern, it's a journey that changes at its own pace. So, listen to your body, observe its rhythm, and match your tampon's absorbency to your unique needs.

Are you just starting out with Tampax tampons during period? Find out how to use a tampon.

Beginning of period flow: Opt for higher absorbency tampons during heavy days

The initial days of menstruation often usher in heavy and intense bleeding. In such instances, using super plus absorbent tampons is the best course of action for optimal comfort and protection. These tampons are specifically designed to handle high levels of flow and offer amazing leakage protection. These super absorbent tampons can absorb more of the fluid, providing a safe and reliable solution right from day one of your period.

Keep in mind that during heavy menstrual days, tampons can be changed as frequently as required, even more than the typical 4-6 hour window. It’s totally normal to need to change your tampon more frequently at the start of your cycle, or on your heaviest days.

Middle of period flow: Modulate tampon absorbency as per flow intensity

After the initial heavy flow days, the intensity of your period typically lessens. During this phase, the amount of bleeding can fluctuate based on various factors including time of day, physical activity, and body position. It is beneficial to observe these changes and adjust the absorbency level of your tampons accordingly.

For moderate menstrual flow, mid-absorbency tampons are most suitable. Remember, the severity of your period can change each day and may not align with your previous cycles. Hence, it's best practice to have tampons of lower or higher absorbency handy at all times, even during a medium flow period.

End of period flow: Lighter days demand lower tampon absorbency

As your period winds down, the volume of menstrual blood significantly reduces. On these days, when bleeding gradually dwindles to spotting, use light absorbency tampons. These tampons are designed to absorb a lighter menstrual flow and are slim and compact for easy and hassle-free use. Using a lighter absorbency tampon at the end of your flow can reduce the feeling of a dry removal, which often comes from using an overly-absorbent tampon for your flow.

During light flow days, tampons with an applicator work well. The reduced flow can make inserting tampons less comfortable. However, the smooth surface of the applicator simplifies this task, ensuring easy tampon changes even during light menstrual bleeding.

Getting to know different tampon absorbency options

Our individuality is what makes us unique, we each have our own passions, hobbies, habits, and rhythms. Our menstrual cycles are no different! While the biological principles are similar, every body operates differently. The duration and intensity of your periods, when they start and end, are unique to every woman.

Understanding these patterns helps predict the changes in menstrual flow, which is crucial in choosing the right absorbency for tampons. The right tampon ensures comfort, security, and most importantly, prevents unexpected leaks.

Choosing the right absorbency level, however, isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Some women may begin with high-absorbency tampons and gradually switch to lower absorbency ones, while others might start with light absorbency tampons before moving to super absorbencies later in their cycle. And some people might find that medium or light absorbency tampons work well for them throughout their cycle.

Understanding your body takes time, but once you do, selecting tampons with the right absorbency becomes effortless. In the meantime, feel free to experiment with different absorbency levels to find out which ones suit your body and provide the best protection against leaks, be it during heavy, light, or normal flow periods.

To better illustrate to you the differences between the different levels of absorbency, we will use the example of tampons. They are usually available in a variety of absorbency options, which are defined as:

Product Tampax Compak Lites Tampax Pearl Compak Regular Tampax Pearl Compak Super Tampax Pearl Compak Super Plus
Flow - Light - Low absorbency tampons, recommended for light bleeding or spotting, which usually occurs in the last days of menstruation. - Regular - Tampons designed for medium period blood flow, most often occurring around the middle of menstruation. - Super - Absorbent tampons, which usually work well during the first days of menstruation when bleeding is heavy. - Super plus - Our most absorbent tampon, recommended for maximum protection against leakage on heavy flow days.
Absorbencies Regular, Super, Super Plus Regular, Super, Super Plus Light, Regular, Super, Super Plus Regular, Super, Super Plus
Extra leakage protection LeakGuard Braid LeakGuard Braid Protective skirt LeakGuard Braid
Click to know more Light flow tampons Regular flow tampons Heavy flow tampons Heaviest flow tampons

Learn about the different types of Tampax tampons and select the best level of absorbency for you and your flow.

Exploring the Advantages of Utilising Various Tampon Absorbencies

The intensity of menstrual bleeding can fluctuate significantly, changing from day to day, and even hour to hour. This dynamic shift calls for a solution that's customisable and can adapt flexibly to your needs. Utilising absorbent period products with different degrees of absorbency according to each menstruation phase is exactly such a solution.

Here are some advantages of aligning tampon absorbency with your period flow:

  • Increased comfort: A correctly chosen tampon is comfortable to both wear and insert. For example, on light flow days, using super plus absorbent tampons might be unpleasant for insertion and removal. But you have options - opt for low-absorbency tampons and experience comfort at all times!
  • Optimal Protection: A tampon with the right absorbency offers security and minimizes the risk of leakage, regardless of your menstrual phase. Rest assured; super plus absorbent tampons can protect you even during heavy bleeding.
  • Increased Confidence: Knowing that you're using a tampon tailored to your period flow level bolsters your confidence, and helps you feel safe and comfortable. This no see, no feel protection means you can navigate your daily life with confidence and security.
  • Added Convenience and Flexibility: The ability to choose tampons with different absorbency levels allows you to align your period products with your daily activities. Whether it's a long meeting, a movie marathon, or a walk with friends, you can choose a tampon that will provide protection throughout your plans. Your period will never impede your schedule again!

Picking the right absorbency level isn't the only factor to consider. Every woman has unique needs and may expect different characteristics from her period products. Tampax caters to these needs by offering up to six types of tampons, each available in several absorbency levels. Discover all Tampax tampons and choose the ones that best suit you and your flow.

The information contained on this page is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice nor is it intended to be for medical diagnosis or treatment. If you are experiencing extremely heavy periods and severe pain visit your GP.